Housing Developments

Cranston Consulting have provided Structural, Civil Engineering and Transport Services for a number of major housing and apartment developments for both private and public sector clients.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Planning
  • Approvals for roads and drainage
  • Project Management

Cranston Consulting are experienced in both the traditional and modern methods of construction, encompassing a range of technologies, prefabrication and off-site assembly.

  • Traditional and Piled Foundations
  • Load bearing Masonry, Structural Steel, Reinforced Concrete and Timber Framed Construction
  • Precast Concrete,Timber or Engineered Flooring
  • Timber and Composite Roofing Materials

Cranston Consulting are committed to construction efficiency, improving quality and safety with a view to reducing cost.

Examples of our work in this sector

  • Northview
  • Laharna
  • Castlehill
  • Newton Building