Structural Inspections and Surveys

Structural Surveys

Surveys of existing buildings are carried out to establish their condition and identify any structural defects that may exist.

Specific Structural Surveys

Structural surveys are often required when cracks or other defects have been identified by a Surveyor during a mortgage valuation survey or house buyers report. In this case a specific structural inspection is carried out by a Chartered Structural Engineer to identify the particular problem. A short report is provided which includes details of remedial works and an estimate of the costs of repair.

Full Structural Inspection and Report

A full structural survey is more comprehensive than the specific inspection in that the whole fabric of the building is inspected in fine detail to assess the condition of the whole building. A comprehensive report is produced by the Chartered Structural Engineer discussing any defects found, with suggestions for remedial work and an estimate of the cost of repair.

Feasibility Survey

We can arrange to meet at your property with your architect to discuss proposals for extensions or major structural alterations. The existing structure is assessed to check the practicality of the scheme, and potential solutions or alternatives are recommended.

This inexpensive service will ensure your scheme is not fraught with expensive structural problems when the builder arrives on site.